Farewell, Friends!

My last post was some time ago, and a lot has happened since then. I last wrote about the electrical problem in our rig that was playing havoc with our hot water heater.  The new hot water heater was installed, and all seemed well…until we completely lost all electric in our rig.  We toughed out the freezing night and found an older gentleman RV tech who hooked us up with his electrician friend.  We were able to coax this electrician into checking out our rig to track down the ongoing electrical issue.  He took pity on us, as we had no heat or any electric at all, and it was winter.

After much investigation, the electrician found the source of all our electrical woes. Our rig is generator prepped with a transfer switch.  The transfer switch had shorted out due to a loose connection and had literally burned up.  The electrician figures that it had come from the factory that way.  The screws had never been properly tightened down on the wire connections.  The loose connection had been arching and sending 220 volts throughout the rig causing our lights to randomly dim and brighten, not to mention all the problems it caused with the hot water heater.  The electrician removed the burned up transfer switch, and we all marveled that the rig had not caught fire.  Problem solved.  Finally!

I also mentioned in our last post that we were working on a project. We built a new home!  We gravitated back to Georgia because of G’s continued health issue.  We decided it was best to stay grounded, as MDS is a lifelong condition which requires monthly treatment.

We moved into our new home December 30, 2014 and basically resumed our former life. I have my own studio room for sewing, crafting, painting and practicing violin.  I took up the violin ten months ago.  G and I joined the Worship Team at my church.  He is singing, and I’m playing the violin.

We are very happy. Our lives are low-stress.  We celebrated 30 years of marriage in 2015 and have finally achieved a harmonious marriage.  G is my best friend, and I’d be lost without him.

We sold the Cameo to a single girl who lives and works in western Texas. We explained the burned up transfer switch story to her, etc.  She got a great deal, as we sold the rig at a discounted price.  Since all the electrical issues had been sorted out, we felt comfortable with the sale.

I started this blog at the request of our friends who wished to keep up with us during our travels, and since we are no longer travelers it is time to say “farewell.” This is my last post.  Thanks for joining us in our crazy RV adventure where our lives took many twists and turns.  Farewell, friends!


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


About M. Christy

I live full-time in an RV and travel the USA. My companions are my husband and our Westie. My relationship with Jesus Christ the Savior is the foundation of my life. I am a work in progress. God bless the crooked road that led me straight to Him.
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6 Responses to Farewell, Friends!

  1. Sally Vosburgh says:

    L…I’ll just have to visit you in GA!!

    Love, Cousin Sally

  2. marthateal says:

    I thought about you and your blog just the other day. I’ve had many blog friends come and go and I’ve missed your stories. Maybe you’ll find a good reason to take up story telling again one day. My friend Tracy’s cat had a fascinating blog for a while….

  3. Treovr and Roni says:

    Your new home is beautiful and we were very comfy staying there. Thanks for having us. We are so glad you had the RV experience and we’ll always treasure our caravan adventure with all the great memories. We love you guys and may God bless you richly!
    Love, Trevor and Roni

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